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chiropractic adjustment

Dr. McCracken has provided thousands of regular to advanced spinal and joint adjustments in his many years of practice. Cox distraction has proven to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of chronic to acute lower back pain even when standard adjustments have not helped.  Carpal tunnel can be treated non-surgically with great results and a stronger wrist afterwards.

It is all about the position and movement of your spine and joints, not if you have pain. Pain is only 10% of your problem. Incorrect spinal bone position causes insufficient messages to the spinal cord and brain. A chiropractic adjustment increases brain function and decreases stress levels in the brain. A back problem is also a brain problem.  Movement, posture, emotions, learning and memory centers of the brain all improve after a Chiropractic adjustment, even when you have no pain.

Dr. McCracken can adjust you by hands or using an instrument to gently move a vertebrae back into place. This is provided in a quick movement with a specific amount of force in a specific direction. The sound you hear from an adjustment is due to the release of gases from the joint.  Should you not care for this type of adjustment he can also offer Cox Distraction or Arthrostim adjustment without twisting or any joint noise. You must be able to move easily, eat naturally and think positively!

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