Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. McCracken has been using LLL on himself, family, friends and patients since 2005 with amazing results. LLL has been used outside the United States for over 35 years. e. Numerous professional athletes use LLL. Laser has the ability to speed up the healing process 150 times without any side effects. It has the ability to reduce or stop pain in as little as 3-6 minutes after its use.

LLL is a treatment utilized to treat chronic and acute pain. LLL is used for persons suffering from back and neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, neuropathy, achilles tendon pain, migraine headaches, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel and other associated pains. The Q1000 was recently recognized as the first Laser approved by the FDA for the over-the-counter treatment of Osteoarthritis.

The main benefits of using LLL are:

  1. Speeds up the healing process 150 times.
  2. Creates the release of natural pain relieving chemicals in the body.
  3. It is fast.
  4. There are no side effects or dangers with LLL!

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