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My offer is professional and straightforward. I will sit down with you and we will discuss your health problems and concerns at no charge. We will determine if I can help you and if you want my help. We will work together to find the best treatment for you utilizing numerous pain relieving therapies, specialized, specific-to-your-problem spinal manipulations, and specific exercises. This is done without medications or surgery thus avoiding addictions, hospitalization and work loss time.

Sorry, I do not give free treatments, free chicken dinners or offer numerous services for ridiculously low fees as an inducement to get you in the office. First off any office doing that is breaking the law and secondly I believe you get what you pay for! If you want cheap, inexperienced health care go someplace else. You can find someone who will do an examination and treat you without x-rays. I prefer to find out what is causing your health problem and provide excellent care as I have been doing for the last 40 years in helping thousands of others. I have treated one-hour olds to 93 year olds and in between.

The US Department of Health informed the public in 1994 the best treatment for lower back pain was spinal manipulation and now some 23 years the American College of Physicians has said the same thing. I wonder what took them so long to recognize the truth and how many people have suffered needlessly, had surgery or became addicted to opioids!