Injured in a car accident, informed you have sustained a "whiplash" neck injury?  What do you do?  Use "the only proven effective treatment for whiplash" as published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine!

Why should I do that, you ask?  To avoid suffering neck pain for the rest of your life and becoming a medical statistic.  The stats indicate following standard care for whiplash results in 88% of the whiplash victims still having pain 10.8 years after their accident! 

Dr. McCracken has undergone further training in the treatment of soft tissue injuries.  He obtained Lincoln's only soft tissue rehab tables for neck and lower back injuries.  Your health concerns should be:

#1.  Alleviate your pain as soon as possible.
#2.  Allow for normal healthy scar tissue formation.
#3.  Restore normal joint positions of your spinal bones.
#4.  Restore normal joint motion.

Failure to accomplish 2-3 or 4 will doom you to life long problems.  These can be avoided and Dr. McCracken has and is able to accomplish all four health goals in a short period of time utilizing his natural-drug free treatment and use of Lincoln's only Continuous-Passive-Motion soft tissue rehab tables.  Research has proven when motion is applied in a non-pain producing manner, healing will be faster and normal, healthy tissue will form.  Combined with the use of Low-Level-Laser, pain relief and healing can be speed-ed up to 150 times!

Lastly, critical to your healthy success are specific neck exercises.  These are crucial to the healing process and failure to utilize them or be given them will doom your neck treatment to failure with the result of a life of misery, pain and suffering.  Your neck was/is being mismanaged if you were not given specific neck exercises for whiplash.  Learn to enjoy life's journey and have your "whiplash" treated by a spinal expert.  Dr. McCracken has been helping people since 1976.

Any questions please  call 421-2277 or to obtain a free Health Report on Whiplash please click on the button below.

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