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lower back pain

What is CPM and what is it used for?

Continuous-passive-motion therapy has been used after knee or joint surgery to speed up the healing process. Dr. McCracken obtained Lincoln’s only CPM tables for the treatment of neck and lower back injuries. CPM has proven extremely valuable in the treatment of Whiplash injuries. Its use can decrease your time in pain, your limited motion and it speeds up your healing. The CPM table allows your body to heal faster by gently stretching the muscles in a pain free manner. This promotes the formation of normal tissue in the damaged tissues without un-organized scar tissue being formed which normally results with standard treatment and results in decreased range of motion, poor blood supply and altered nerve functioning leading to chronic pain. Medical statistics indicate over 88% of people who have sustained a “Whiplash” type neck injure will have pain 10.8 years later with standard care. Over 50% will develop arthritis after 5 years. The CPM table is programmed to move your neck in any one of the six different motions in a pain free manner. Once pain is gone and you have normal range of motion then resistance can be added to regain and increase muscle strength. CPM speeds up the healing process, restores normal motion, avoids unorganized scar tissue, and promotes normal circulation and nerve functioning, all in a pan free-relaxing manner while you lay on your back. CPM avoids life-long chronic pain and decreased motion in your neck and lower back.

See the table in action by viewing my Whiplash video.

Your choice of treatment can allow you to avoid becoming one of the statistics!

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